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Meet our School Staff

Our school staff are dedicated to the ministry of Catholic education. Everyone strives to provide a safe environment in which our children can grow: mentally, physically, socially and spiritually!

Please feel free to contact a staff member at any time.  You may reach them during the school day by calling the school office at (920) 478-3221.  If no one is available to answer your call personally, the phone attendant will help you reach the staff person you need to speak with.  Every staff member is also equipped with internet email - feel free to send them a message as well.


Name:   Mrs. Judy Coroneos
Current Position(s):   Grades 5 and 6
Email Address:

Name:   Mr. Kurt Dornacker
Current Position(s):   School Custodial Engineer
Email Address:

Name:   Mrs. Erin Hensler
Current Position(s):   5K Program
Email Address:

Name:   Mrs. Penny Hilgendorf
Current Position(s):   Grades 1 and 2
Lead Teacher
Email Address:  

Name:   Mrs. Lori Lauth
Current Position(s):   Parish Finance and Administration Coordinator
Email Address:

Name:   Mrs. Kelly Miller
Current Position(s):   3K and 4K Programs
Sacramental Preparation
Email Address:

Name:   Mr. David Podmolik
Current Position(s):   Principal
Email Address:

Name:   Mrs. Wanda Thomas
Current Position(s):   School Lunch Program
Email Address:

Name:   Mrs. Lani Harrison
Current Position(s):   Grades 3 and 4
Physical Education
Email Address:

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