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Our parish school goes back more than 100 years!  Approximately 40 years ago.  According to historial documents, St. Joseph School was opened on January 9th, 1905 with an enrollment of 66 students in grades 1 - 7.  In 1959, the school reported a census of 137 students.  Like so many Catholic schools in the area, much of the primary instruction and administration of the school was left in the capable hands of the School Sisters of Notre Dame.  The women who chose to serve Christ in consecrated life were very dedicated to their ministry, and even though they were known to be excellent swipers of the ruler, they loved each child and gave them a strong foundation of faith and academics during the most important years of their lives.  


When the original building was built, the sisters resided in private quarters right in the school building.  As more sisters came to minister at the school, a home was purchased for them in 1949, allowing for additional classrooms to be built in the school.  

Through the generosity of William McKay, the parish was able to construct a new school, and in 1964, the present-day building opened its doors.  

When the new church was constructed in 1976, a breezeway was constructed to connect the two buildings together.  This was a welcome addition, allowing students and parishioners access to the school from the church area without being exposed to the elements.  

The school building has been well-maintained, with many recent updates and modifications, including:

  • New drop ceilings and lighting fixtures;

  • Ceiling fans for each of the classrooms;

  • A new, high-efficiency hot water boiler;

  • Complete refurbishment of the school restrooms

  • New windows; and

  • Newer computers with wireless networking capabilities

    In 2010, the merger of St. Joseph and St. Mary of the Nativity was announced.  The merger was completed July 1, 2012.  The school changed its name to match the new name of the parish.  Even though our name is new, we are still part of a great and rich history, as we continue to provide an environment in which our children can grow - in their mind and in their faith!




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